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Marilyn Rathbone

Textile artist

Worthing, West Sussex


narrow wares, braiding, button making


I create unusual textile art pieces using traditional techniques such as: inkle weaving, lucet braiding and button making. I work intuitively, research fuelling my imagination. Sometimes an underlying political, social or historical issue surfaces and it may become the focus of a piece. At other times humour plays a part. The work is very time consuming, meticulous attention to detail is paramount, my goal to blend concept and content as simply as possible.


Following the Thread - an intuitive approach to textile art

12 Aug 2019
In my talk, Following the Thread, I'll be offering a glimpse of my "workings out in the margin", for example: how I come up with my initial ideas, develop them into finished pieces and the part played by intuition in the process.

Vlieseline Fine Art Textiles Award

01 Aug 2019
Vlieseline Fine Art Textiles Award is an international juried exhibition open to both amateur and professional artists using textiles as their medium. I'm delighted that Self-Avoiding walk has won the prize for the most innovative use of textiles.

Marilyn Rathbone: Going for the Gold in textile art

03 Dec 2018
My interview with TextileArtist.org has gone live, today. It is one of a number of interviews by textile practitioners from around the world. The idea is to bring a contemporary voice to a traditional medium and an insight into the creative process.

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Self-Avoiding Walk

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Pi in the Sky

Disciplines Textiles
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