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Penny Akester

Jeweller and Jewellery Making Teacher

London, Greater London


Jewellery, textiles, braiding


£95 — £995


My work is focussed on experimenting with the tactile nature of jewellery to create contemporary talismans.

Designed to be especially tactile, to fit the fingertips and to encourage play as contemporary worry beads, my work is individual and minimal in style.

I work primarily by carving, braiding and stitching - all very hands on, tactile processes in themselves, and then using metal working techniques bring these creations to life.


New Workshop

01 May 2019
Following the closure of the Craft Central building where I had my workshop, I now have a workshop in Camden where I work and teach. The workshop is taking shape, although I'm still moving the room around to find my ideal layout!

Desire, Winchester

11 Nov 2016
I am looking forward to being one of the jewellers showing at Desire - Jewellery & Silversmithing Fair in Winchester - the show will be open from 11-13 November 2016

Available for commissions



Mindful Jewels 2015

Disciplines Jewellery, Stone working, Textiles, Silversmithing, Conceptual, Design
Materials Textiles, Stone, Precious metal, Mixed Media

Protection 1999

Disciplines Jewellery, Conceptual, Design, Silversmithing
Materials Mixed Media, Precious metal, Plastics, Metal

Fiddlers 2016

Disciplines Jewellery, Design, Textiles, Metal work
Materials Precious metal, Textiles

2016 Work in Progress

Disciplines Conceptual, Design, Jewellery, Silversmithing, Textiles, Metal work
Materials Glass, Gems, Mixed Media, Precious metal, Stone, Textiles

TCJE 2016 - An Artist's Power

Disciplines Conceptual, Design, Jewellery, Metal work, Stone working
Materials Gems, Metal, Stone, Textiles

Dangerous Beauty 2013

Disciplines Conceptual, Design, Jewellery, Silversmithing
Materials Precious metal, Mixed Media, Metal