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Thomas Appleton, Stonemason. Photo: Sophie Mutevelian

If you’re passionate about craft join Crafts Council’s supporters today. 

Craft is CrucialCraft plays a central role in all our lives. It is a basic human urge to make. Making involves thinking, learning and creating. It stimulates us to appreciate beauty, to value ideas, and to care how things are fashioned. Making helps us to discover our practical abilities, and to develop our artistic talents.

But it needs our support.

You can support the Crafts Council in many ways from joining our Patrons, giving an individual gift today or leaving a legacy for our future. 

Visit our supporter pages to find out more. 

Making Opportunities: A Campaign for Craft

The Crafts Council advances craft in the UK. We build on the UK’s status as a world leader in craft, harnessing the power of craft to transform lives, to inspire innovation and drive individual fulfilment.

In 2021, we celebrate our 50th anniversary. To mark this milestone, we are launching a major campaign to strengthen craft’s position as a force for positive change for the next 50 years.

We need to raise £3 million to deliver the  following initiatives: 

IGNITE: Craft skills provide a vital spark within education. They are a catalyst for a physical engagement with the world that nurture curiosity and imagination, and inspires risk-taking and innovation. Craft education promotes cognitive skills, empathy and wellbeing – a platform that supports lifelong learning and fulfilment. We will be helping the next generation to discover and develop their talent for making. Over the next four years we will be changing the lives of more than 2.5 million children and young people, through our education and participation programmes.

EMPOWER: For nearly 50 years, the Crafts Council has supported and developed the best craft talents. We want to unleash the full potential of Britain’s craft sector. Supporting craft professionals from all backgrounds in developing their talent, knowledge and skills, so they can flourish, drive innovation and create a resilient, diverse future. By 2022 we will have helped more than 11,000 makers and creative professionals, from all backgrounds, to expand their artistic, technological and geographical horizons, in order to deliver the highest quality work to the widest possible audiences.

INSPIRE: We aim to promote craft to as wide an audience as possible. Craft moves, amuses and provokes. It encourages us to appreciate beauty and authenticity, to celebrate ideas, to value materials and notice how things are made. By 2022, we want over 14 million people to have experienced our exhibitions, Collection displays and creative content.

To learn more about our work and ways of supporting please contact the Development team on development@craftscouncil.org.uk or 020 7806 2559