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  • Photo: Sophie Mutevelian

Make a Donation

Fill the Gaps: Help us secure the final £50,000 towards our building project.

The Crafts Council are creating a new home for craft.

We are an Islington based  charity with a nation-wide reach and in April 2020, we will open the doors to a new public space.

We are transforming the entire ground floor of our magnificent building in London into a home for craft. A lively programme of events, talks, workshops, and free world-class exhibitions will explore craft and making.  


We have already had tremendous support for this project from many funders and individuals, but still have more to raise to complete the work.

In our home for craft, visitors will not only see objects from our collection up close. They will be able to delve into our unique library of over 6,000 books and catalogues, discover new makers and see work from those they know already. Watch films, hear lectures, participate in workshops and salons. Sit quietly or mingle.

For makers, it will be a new space to showcase work and meet the craft community. For new audiences it will be a welcoming, relaxed place to explore and start a lifelong passion for craft. With our huge calendar of events, it will truly be a place for everyone to enjoy and be inspired by craft.

We are so close to making our new home for craft a reality. We have raised nearly three-quarters of a million pounds, over 90% of our target, but need yoir help to fill the gaps.