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PenJones Photography

Inner Finn Ceramics


Northwich, Cheshire


tactile, refined, forms


£10 — £350


My work explores the tension of opposites between control and chance, between soft form and hard materials and between fleeting movement and stillness. I enjoy walking the line between sculpture and function, sometime combining the two in a desire to create objects that want to be touched, loved, and used.  I make tactile, refined and uniquely decorated slip cast porcelain vessels. I seek to capture quietness and offer a moment of stillness amongst the bustle and constant noise of modern living.


The Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair

11 Oct 2019
I will be one of many talented Craftspeople selling their work at GNCCF Manchester this year between 11-13th October at Upper Campfield Market, Deansgate Manchester

Wood firing at Guldagergaard

19 Aug 2019
Julie is taking part in a 5 week symposium at the International Ceramic Research Centre in Denmark this summer. Whilst working primarily with slip cast porcelain, Julie has a passion for wood firing and will be exploring new avenues for her work.


22 Jul 2019
Hatch '19 is a summer art school for all; a chance to learn and experience a wide range of art forms. You can share the fascinating journeys and different career pathways of some of Britain's talented artists and designers.

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Breathing Space Collection

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Drinking Vessel Collection

Disciplines Ceramics, Pottery
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Vessel Collection

Disciplines Ceramics, Pottery
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