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Olga Prinku

crafter playing with flowers

Yarm, North Yorkshire


floral tapesty, floral embroidery, botanical art


I’m a trained graphic designer, but I’ve always loved crafting. Recently I started experimenting with floral wreaths and one of the ideas developed into weaving these on tulle inside an embroidery hoop almost like embroidery but using organic material as my thread. I’m experimenting with this medium at the moment, using flowers and foraged foliage that I dry. I’m trying to find ways to make these creations into more functional objects, but also develop bigger more complex tapestry style pieces.


DIY floral hoop for marthastewart.com

09 Aug 2017
This ethereal-looking wreath is made using mesh fabric and small blooms placed into artful arrangements. They compose half-crescent shapes around the embroidery hoop in a variety of flowers, leaves, and other greenery.

Available for commissions



Floral clock

Disciplines Textiles, Design
Materials Organic Material

Floral typography

Disciplines Lettering, Design, Conceptual, Textiles
Materials Organic Material

Folk bird tapestry

Disciplines Textiles
Materials Mixed Media, Organic Material